FY2016 Enacted with Vetoes


Press Release, 7-01-15

Enacted FY2016 Fiscal Summary, 6-30-15

Budget Decision Summary, 6-30-15 

Budget Review Comparison Summary UGF, 6-30-15

Budget Review Comparison Summary UGF with Unallocated, 7-01-15

Budget Review Comparison Summary All Funds, 6-30-15 

Operating HB 72 and HB 2001 Final Budget

The following reports, excluding the HB 2001 Operating Bill, reflect the post-special session final enacted budget after vetoes. This information was posted June 30, 2015. 

FY2016 Operating Budget

FY2016 Operating HB 72 Only

The following reports reflect the pre-special session enacted budget. This information was posted May 18, 2015.

Press Release


 FY2016 Mental Health Budget

FY2016 Capital Budget

Operating and Capital Details by Department