Department of Health and Social Services
FY2014 Proposed Budget

Operating Budget

Governor's Proposed Operating Budget
This Budget Book reflects the Governor's Proposed Budget. When available, the Components on the right are subdivisions of the Results Delivery Unit on the left.
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Department of Health and Social Services
Results Delivery Unit
Alaska Pioneer HomesAlaska Pioneer Homes ManagementChart
Pioneer HomesChart
Behavioral HealthAK Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Program 
Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP)Chart
Behavioral Health Grants 
Behavioral Health AdministrationChart
Community Action Prevention & Intervention Grants 
Rural Services and Suicide Prevention 
Psychiatric Emergency Services 
Services to the Seriously Mentally Ill 
Designated Evaluation and Treatment 
Services for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Youth 
Alaska Psychiatric InstituteChart
Alaska Psychiatric Institute Advisory Board 
Alaska Mental Health Board and Advisory Board on Alcohol and Drug AbuseChart
Suicide Prevention CouncilChart
Children's ServicesChildren's Services ManagementChart
Children's Services Training 
Front Line Social WorkersChart
Family Preservation 
Foster Care Base Rate 
Foster Care Augmented Rate 
Foster Care Special Need 
Subsidized Adoptions & Guardianship 
Residential Child Care 
Infant Learning Program GrantsChart
Children's Trust Programs 
Health Care ServicesCatastrophic and Chronic Illness Assistance (AS 47.08) 
Health Facilities Licensing and CertificationChart
Certification and LicensingChart
Medical Assistance AdministrationChart
Rate ReviewChart
Community Health Grants 
Juvenile JusticeMcLaughlin Youth CenterChart
Mat-Su Youth FacilityChart
Kenai Peninsula Youth FacilityChart
Fairbanks Youth FacilityChart
Bethel Youth FacilityChart
Nome Youth FacilityChart
Johnson Youth CenterChart
Ketchikan Regional Youth FacilityChart
Probation ServicesChart
Delinquency Prevention 
Youth Courts 
Public AssistanceAlaska Temporary Assistance Program 
Adult Public Assistance 
Child Care BenefitsChart
General Relief Assistance 
Tribal Assistance Programs 
Senior Benefits Payment ProgramChart
Permanent Fund Dividend Hold Harmless 
Energy Assistance ProgramChart
Public Assistance AdministrationChart
Public Assistance Field ServicesChart
Fraud InvestigationChart
Quality ControlChart
Work ServicesChart
Women, Infants and ChildrenChart
Public HealthHealth Planning and Systems DevelopmentChart
Women, Children and Family HealthChart
Public Health Administrative ServicesChart
Emergency ProgramsChart
Chronic Disease Prevention and Health PromotionChart
Bureau of Vital StatisticsChart
Emergency Medical Services Grants 
State Medical ExaminerChart
Public Health LaboratoriesChart
Tobacco Prevention and Control  
Senior and Disabilities ServicesSenior and Disabilities Services AdministrationChart
General Relief/Temporary Assisted Living 
Senior Community Based Grants 
Community Developmental Disabilities Grants 
Senior Residential Services 
Commission on AgingChart
Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special EducationChart
Departmental Support ServicesPublic AffairsChart
Quality Assurance and AuditChart
Commissioner's OfficeChart
Assessment and Planning 
Administrative Support ServicesChart
Hearings and Appeals 
Facilities ManagementChart
Information Technology ServicesChart
Facilities Maintenance 
Pioneers' Homes Facilities Maintenance 
HSS State Facilities Rent 
Human Services Community Matching GrantHuman Services Community Matching Grant 
Community Initiative Matching Grants (non-statutory)Community Initiative Matching Grants (non-statutory grants) 
Medicaid ServicesBehavioral Health Medicaid Services 
Children's Medicaid Services 
Adult Preventative Dental Medicaid Svcs 
Health Care Medicaid Services 
Senior and Disabilities Medicaid Services 

Capital Budget Detail
Allocations are expenditure guidelines for particular purposes within an appropriation.
Project Title
AppropriationFY2014 Bethel Youth Facility Renovation Phase 2 of 2
AppropriationFY2014 Master Client Index, State Interface Improvements to the Health Information and Direct Secure Messaging Gateway
AppropriationFY2014 Transition of Care Pilot Project
AppropriationFY2014 Personal Care Assistant Pilot Project
AppropriationFY2014 Electronic Vital Record Registration System Phase 2 of 2
AppropriationFY2014 Alaska Veterans and Pioneer Home Resident Lifts
AppropriationFY2014 Equipment Needs for Front-Line Probation Officers, Juvenile Justice Officers and Facilities and Probation Offices
AppropriationFY2014 Office of Children Services LiveScan Fingerprinting
AppropriationFY2014 Juneau Pioneer Home Security Cameras
AppropriationFY2014 Department-Wide Disaster Recovery
AppropriationFY2014 Electronic Health Record Incentive Payments
AppropriationFY2014 Emergency Medical Services Match for Code Blue Project
AppropriationFY2014 MH Deferred Maintenance and Accessibility Improvements
AppropriationFY2014 MH Home Modification and Upgrades to Retain Housing
AppropriationFY2014 MH Medical Appliances for Beneficiaries Experiencing Sensory Impairments
AppropriationFY2014 MH Implementation of Replacement Grant System
AppropriationFY2014 Non-Pioneer Home Deferred Maintenance, Renovation, Repair and Equipment
     Allocation     FY2014 Alaska Psychiatric Institute Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Assets Building Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Fahrenkamp Center Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Fairbanks Health Center Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Fairbanks Youth Facility Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Johnson Youth Facility Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Juneau Health Center Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Ketchikan Health Center Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Ketchikan Youth Facility Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 McLaughlin Youth Center Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Nome Youth Facility Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Sitka Health Center Deferred Maintenance
AppropriationFY2014 Pioneer Homes Deferred Maintenance, Renovation, Repair and Equipment
     Allocation     FY2014 Alaska Veterans and Pioneer Home Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Anchorage Pioneer Home Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Fairbanks Pioneer Home Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Juneau Pioneer Home Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Ketchikan Pioneer Home Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2014 Sitka Pioneer Home Deferred Maintenance